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Elval –Oinofyta plant, Greece

Elval’s Oinofyta plant is one of the world’s most advanced industrial aluminium rolling plants. Following a major investment programme, the plant is now considered a cutting-edge production facility, with an annual capacity of 292,500 tons. The plant stands at 180.546 m2 on a plot of 604.567 m2. Elval invests in the latest technologies, allowing it to offer high value-added products and services developed using expertise and knowledge gained over more than 45 years of operation.

The Oinofyta plant manufactures a wide range of products including aluminium alloys for the following industries:

  • Packaging
  • Sea, road and rail transportation
  • HVAC&R
  • Building and construction
  • Energy
  • Industrial applications markets
  • Cookware.

It also supplies aluminium solutions for custom-made applications.

The manufacturing process for aluminium coil, strips and sheet production, includes the following stages:

  • Aluminium alloying and casting into slabs which are 0.6 m thick, up to 2.5 m wide and up to 9 m long.
  • Hot rolling, during which the slab is shaped into coils a few millimetres thick.
  • Continuous casting, an alternative to the two preceding stages, during which molten aluminium is cast directly into coils a few millimetres thick.
  • Cold rolling, where a coil produced through hot rolling or continuous casting achieves a specified thickness for a particular end product.
  • Intermediate or final thermal processing of coils or end products in furnaces to acquire product properties such as hardness, to facilitate easy further processing, etc.
  • Coating or other processing of the aluminium coil surface (e.g. tread plate).
  • Cutting of the mother coil into strips or sheets using specialised equipment.
  • End product packaging in bundles or pallets using advanced methods and materials to protect the aluminium until its end use.

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