• Packaging industry

With state-of-art equipment and an in-depth knowledge of packaging processes and demands, Elval offers an extensive choice of aluminium high quality products to both rigid and flexible packaging markets, including:­

  • Sheets and coils for beverages, food, caps and closures
  • Sheets and coils for pharmaceutical, household and technical applications.

Aluminium packaging is resistant to corrosion, and acts as a barrier to light, ultra-violet rays, water, oxygen, micro-organisms and other external sources that can affect product quality. It plays an essential role in keeping contents fresh, allowing for a long product shelf-life.

Aluminium packaging has a premium appeal to the consumer, superior printing quality and is environmentally friendly.

Production plant Description


Premium quality aluminium for:

  • The beverage industry (bodies, ends and tabs of beverage cans)
  • The food industry (bodies, ends and tabs of food cans)
  • Closures
  • Aerosol valves

Pre-treated or coated aluminium for rigid packaging with a large selection of lacquering including badge-free, PVC-free, BPA NI solvent based or water based coatings.


  • Foil for flexible packaging
  • Blister and cold forming aluminium foil for pharmaceutical applications
  • Pre-lubricated and pre-coated aluminium foil for food containers
  • Aluminium foil for technical applications
  • Household aluminium foil
  • Chocolate aluminium foil
  • Cigarette aluminium foil
  • Chewing gum foil
  • Lacquered lidding foil (e.g. yoghurt, jam etc.)