• Building and construction

ElvalHalcor offers a wide range of high quality, reliable and innovative aluminium and copper products for the building and construction industry. This includes:

  • Flat rolled aluminium products and solutions
  • Coated aluminium products used in the building envelope
  • Copper tubes for water, heating, natural gas and fire extinguishing networks
  • Aluminium architectural building systems
  • Copper sheets and strips for façades and roofs
  • Brass products for internal architecture and decoration
  • Brass bars, tubes and sections
Production plant Description


  • Aluminium roofing systems
  • Aluminium building façades
  • Aluminium roller shutter boxes
  • Aluminium building angles
  • Aluminium building lighting systems
  • Aluminium spacer bars for double glazing


The Talos® copper tubes product range is used in building and construction for water supply, heating, under-floor heating and cooling, fire extinguishing networks, and natural gas installation.

The Cusmart® copper tubes are used in water supply, heating, floor heating and cooling installations

Elval Colour

  • Etalbond® aluminium composite panels
  • Orofe® coated aluminium for roofing systems
  • Ydoral® coated aluminium for rain gutter systems
  • Elval ENF™ coated aluminium sheets
  • Elval EZ™ false ceilings
  • Coated strips for roller shutters
  • Functional coatings Agraphon® and Arypon®
  • Flashings


Brass bars, tubes and sections for the manufacture of decorative elements

Sofia Med

  • Copper sheets and copper strips for roofing
  • Copper strips for rain gutters, water drainage systems, and gutter supports
  • Brass strips for roofing
  • Copper and brass sheets and strips for facades
  • Brass strips and sheets for indoor decoration


Aluminium foil for roof and wall insulation and foil for flexible tubes, air-ducts and honeycomb panels