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  • Symetal


With 40 years experience in aluminium foil rolling and processing, Symetal offers tailor-made and sustainable foil solutions. Symetal is highly export-oriented with 95% of its sales carried out in over 60 countries across the globe.

Symetal has two production facilities in Greece:

  • Rolling plant
    dedicated to the production of plain aluminium foil in a wide range of thicknesses and alloys
  • Converting plant
    focused on the conversion of aluminium foil into various packaging applications

Symetal produces aluminium foil (from 6 to 200 mic) and aluminium flexible-packaging materials. Its product portfolio includes:

  • Converter foil
  • Pharmaceutical foil
  • Cable wrap foil
  • Foil for food containers
  • Foil for tea lights
  • Foil for heat exchange equipment
  • Foil for technical applications
  • Household oil
  • Hair foil
  • Cigarette aluminium foil
  • Chocolate aluminium foil
  • Chewing gum foil
  • Lacquered lidding foil
  • Lacquered blister foil
  • Lacquered cheese foil

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