• Sustainability

"We are a socially responsible company at all levels and believe this strengthens our ability to grow and create value for all our stakeholders’’

Long standing commitment on Corporate responsibility is core to the successful, sustainable growth of our company. We aim to generate value for all our stakeholders, responding to the needs of society and the communities in which we operate. Recognising our responsibility, we have set out a sustainability strategy which focuses on:

  • occupational health and safety of our people;
  • reduction of our environmental footprint;
  • responsible sourcing;
  • investment in R&D for development of new technologies, ensuring development of high quality innovative and personalised solutions;
  • maintaining close ties with local communities, with continuous contribution to the growth and needs of local communities.

ElvalHalcor operates its Sustainability Policy in accordance with the Company's values of responsibility, integrity, transparency and innovation. Management is committed to:

  • implementation of the Sustainability Policy at all levels across all operating entities;
  • strict compliance with legislations and full implementation of standards, policies, internal guidelines and procedures applied by the Company as well as other voluntary agreements countersigned and accepted by ElvalHalcor;
  • open communication and dialogue with all stakeholders to identify and manage their needs and expectations;
  • provision of a safe and healthy working environment for our people;
  • protection of human rights and provision of an equal opportunities working environment, free from discrimination;
  • continued efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, through implementation of responsible actions and preventive measures in accordance with Best Available Techniques;
  • sustainable development of the local communities in which we operate;
  • creating value for all stakeholders.

Read here our Sustainability Policy

ElvalHalcor joins the group of companies included in “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023” which highlight the Business Roadmap of Sustainable Development in Greece 

ElvalHalcor, for the 6th consecutive year, was evaluated, based on its performance in the “Sustainability Performance Directory” and ranked in "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece" group of companies for the year 2022.

These companies have adopted a holistic approach to Sustainability issues, operate as examples of good business practice and play an important role in shaping a new growth model that is directly related to Greek companies’ competitiveness and in terms of attracting investments.

ElvalHalcor’s participation in this group, for yet another year, confirms the Company’s continuous commitment and strategy related to sustainable development, through its application of responsible business practices.