• Our mission and values

Our vision

Our vision is to be a benchmark for the global market, with products and solutions that are recognized for quality, reliability, competitiveness and innovation. ElvalHalcor aspires to anticipate evolving customer needs and develop diverse, competitive products and solutions based on new technologies. Our overarching goal is to operate sustainably and responsibly, acting as a reliable business partner and creating value for all stakeholders.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality and innovative aluminium and copper solutions that create the best possible value for our customers whilst increasing our market shares. This mission is supported by our state-of-the-art technology, investments in research and development, the support and commitment of our people and our proven experience in the global market. We aim to grow our company sustainably with a focus on our people, the environment, innovation and society throughout our business model, strategy and operations.

Our values


Our corporate culture is rooted in the practice of ethical behaviour and our actions are defined by responsibility, integrity, honesty, transparency and fairness. We operate to the highest ethical standards and expect the same from our colleagues, customers, suppliers and associates.


We respect and value our associates. We believe in creating an environment of trust, meritocracy and teamwork, with equal opportunities for all. We focus on maintaining occupational health and safety, ensuring a safe workplace. We ensure that our business operations are environmentally responsible and we work to continuously reduce our environmental footprint. We care for society and support local communities; we maintain and seek open communication with local communities and all stakeholders.


We encourage innovation through investment in our research and our people, recognising originality as an important part of our growth. We are focused on delivering innovative products and solutions that create the best value for our customers.

Customer value

We build strong long-term relationships with our customers, characterised by consistency, respect and high-quality services. We develop innovative solutions, while providing excellent customer service and offering tailor made solutions.


We are personally accountable for our decisions, actions and results. We operate through teamwork and act professionally with dedication to the Company and commitment to excellence. We are always aiming to become more effective and efficient.

Corporate responsibility

Sustainable and responsible behaviour is an important part of our strategy and our aim of creating value for all stakeholders.