• Our people

“Our people are the key to our success”

Our people are our driving force; our success is based on the dedication, creativity and know-how of our people. Achievement of our corporate goals hinges on their support and commitment. In recognition of this, we work to ensure responsible working practices that allow for employee development and progression.

We strive to maintain an equal opportunities working environment that respects each employee and rewards hard work, through material and systematic investment in the development and growth of our people. We focus on material issues such as:

  • health and safety of our employees and associates
  • creating a rewarding work environment, respecting human rights and diversity
  • safeguarding jobs and supporting local employment
  • providing equal opportunities for all employees
  • applying objective evaluation systems
  • employee training and development
  • additional benefits for our people.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics is a key tool for shaping corporate culture, and complements the effective implementation of our policies. The Code promotes moral integrity, honesty and transparency as well as appropriate professional conduct at all levels of the Company’s hierarchy. It contains fundamental principles, rules and core values which form the framework of our corporate actions. This set of rules and principles describes the conduct we expect from our people, as well as the way we do business with our customers, suppliers and other associates.

Read here our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Read here our Labour Human Rights Policy

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