• World-class technological solutions

World-class technological solutions and know-how to deliver superior quality to customers

Innovation is at the heart of ElvalHalcor. As a leading manufacturer and solutions provider in the aluminium and copper industries, we aim to provide customers with world-class technological solutions. To achieve this, we work to understand customer requirements and then utilize ElvalHalcor’s proven know-how, reliable alloys, and ground-breaking technologies, to best serve those requirements.

Elval’s on-site Technology Center (housed in our facilities at Oinofyta) is the cornerstone of our innovative solutions. The Center is an integral part of the Elval network, bringing together a range of divisions. Through the Center, customers gain fast track access to R&D in product design, process innovation and technical support.

Halcor’s innovative Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory in Oinofyta, Greece, offers comprehensive services and product improvements to customers. The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory has been developed according to international standards and allows us to meet a wide range of customer specifications and product applications in the manufacturing of Talos® Inner-Groove tubes (IGT) and Talos® ACR tubes.

ElvalHalcor’s business partnerships create valuable innovation opportunities, cultivate new ideas, and ensure our R&D is aligned with market evolution and customer requirements. We also have dedicated R&D partnerships with numerous research centers. These partnerships create an extensive scientific network, dedicated to cultivating creative solutions to industry challenges and developing new high-technology products.