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Durable and legible aluminium road signs

Elval Colour also provides composite aluminium panels for corporate identity application.  

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Prepainted aluminium coils for road traffic signs, advertising signs and license plates

Elval Colour

Etalbond® d3,d2,d1, is an aluminium composite panel designed and developed for visual communication, decoration and corporate identity application.


Halcor produces copper tubes (Talos® MED) for medical gas networks. The use of Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® tubes in medical gas networks has been proven to be more effective than other materials in the elimination of bacteria that cause serious and dangerous infections.

Sofia Med produces Antimicrobial CU+ strips for products, used in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Units, public areas, schools, metro, etc.


Coin blanks and rings for bi-colour coins

Epirus Metalworks is engaged in the production of all types of coin blanks and rings for bi-colour coins, which are renowned for their top quality.