• Transportation

Aluminium is the preferred material for transport industry applications requiring strength, durability, high versatility/workability and a superior finish.

Its strength, environmental advantages and performance benefits have also led to the increased use of aluminium in the automotive industry.

Elval offers a wide range of lightweight, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable products and solutions to both industries, including:

  • Aluminium shates and plates for marine applications, aluminium solutions for trucks, trains, buses, and commercial vehicle components, brazing products for heat exchangers
  • Automotive extruded profiles for crash management systems, chassis, suspension systems and doors.

Elval also provides solutions for commercial vehicles, trains, boats and large vessels, leveraging aluminium’s fuel-efficient, competitive and sustainable properties.

The properties of copper make high performance copper alloys ideal for automotive connectors 

Copper plays a critical role in the functionality, efficiency, comfort and safety of vehicles. The total amount of copper in a car can range from around 15 kilos in a small car to around 28 kilos in a luxury car.

Motors, alternators, actuators, electrical chokes and wiring harnesses all depend on reliable high conductivity.  As safety features and automation in vehicles become increasingly dependent on electrical developments, cars will require even more copper.

High quality brass is durable, has high elasticity and is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for electrical connections.

Our specialized plants manufacture high quality products for the transport and automotive industries. These include:

  • copper alloys for automotive connectors,
  • special alloys brass rods for automotive valves.
Production plant Description


  • Aluminium coils for automotive components (heat shields, brake covers and separation frames)
  • Aluminium coils for trucks, trailers, tippers, road tankers, refrigerator trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, fuel tanks, air-pressure tanks and cargo rail wagons
  • High magnesium aluminium sheets for naval vessels, catamarans, yachts and pleasure crafts, which are certified by all the major certification societies (DNV-GL, ABS, LRS, BV, RINA, KR)

Sofia Med

  • High performance copper alloys for automotive connectors
  • Copper strips for e-mobility


Special alloys brass rods for automotive valves

Elval Colour

Αluminium composite panels for special automotive applications

  • Foil for battery electrodes
  • Foil for battery pouch