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Our growth is centered on innovation allowing us to adapt to evolving customer requirements

As a leading manufacturer and solutions provider in the copper industry, Halcor maintains a competitive advantage through its customer-centric strategy, focused on technological development and maintaining high quality processes and products.

Investing in innovative technology drives sustainable growth. For this reason, Halcor invests in research, development and innovation (R&D&I) to enhance its state-of-the-art facilities, introduce technological improvements across various metallurgical applications and offer cutting-edge products and integrated solutions that address specific customer needs. In cooperation with Elkeme (Hellenic Research Centre for Metals), Halcor also supports broader efforts to promote new technology R&D&I across the copper sector. As a result, Halcor builds significant knowledge and expertise regarding production processes and product improvements, allowing the Company to meet the most demanding and diversified customer requirements.

Our Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory

Part of Halcor’s ability to offer comprehensive services and product improvements is due to the establishment of the innovative Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory at Halcor’s plant (Oinofyta, Greece). The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory has been developed according to international standards and allows Halcor to meet a wide range of customer specifications and product applications in the manufacturing of Talos® Inner-Grooved Tubes (IGT) and Talos® ACR tubes.

In addition, this laboratory is capable of producing technologically innovative tube products for specific applications. Halcor’s production technology for Talos® IGT copper tubes enables the manufacture of advanced inner-groove designs for a complete range of sizes, from 16mm outside diameter down to the new generation microgroove™ tubes with an outside diameter of 5mm or less.

Halcor is one of the few manufacturers that have a laboratory for testing the thermal performance of inner grooved tubes.

Strategic and research collaborations

As a founding member of the Hellenic Copper Development Institute (HCDI), Halcor participates in the preparation of educational programs by hosting and financing specialised seminars across Greece, as well as providing materials. Through HCDI, a member of the European Copper Institute (ECI), Halcor is actively involved in major research projects concerning copper’s impact on human health and the environment.

Focus on quality

Providing high quality products and reliable solutions ensures a competitive advantage and is a matter of corporate responsibility. Throughout all stages of production, Halcor implements strict and extensive quality control processes, leveraging the experience of specialised and highly trained staff to ensure top standards across its product portfolio. Quality control processes are verified by frequent customer inspections and audits carried out by independent Greek and international certification bodies.

As part of its customer-centric approach, Halcor places strong emphasis on response time to requests, as well as on the ability to offer comprehensive product support services. In this context, services can be adjusted to technical customer requests. Halcor continuously communicate and cooperate with our customers to identify the products and services required based on their specialised needs.

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