• Industrial applications

Customized aluminium and copper suited for any industrial application

Elval manufactures a wide range of painted and mill finished aluminium sheets and coils for multiple industrial applications.

  • Industrial engineering,
  • Construction projects,
  • Renewable energy applications and geodesic domes.

Our product portfolio comprises aluminium for:

  • Static silos
  • Flat screen LED TVs
  • Circuit boards
  • Light bulb bases
  • Telecommunication equipment,
  • Multilayer tubes and transformers.

Halcor’s diverse portfolio of quality products for industrial application are specifically designed and developed for high performance, energy efficiency and precision.

These products are recognised for consistency, quality, innovative characteristics and sustainability and are regularly chosen by industry leaders.

Production plant Description


Aluminium rolled products for a number of applications including:

  • Circles for cookware
  • Coils for grain silos
  • LED screens
  • PCBs (printed circuit boards)
  • Lamp bases
  • Cabinets for telecommunication materials,
  • Insulation tubes,
  • Toolboxes and
  • Geodesic domes


Copper tubes for industrial applications such as:

  • Fittings
  • High frequency cables
  • Boilers
  • Filters, etc.

Brass for further processing

Sofia Med

  • Copper and brass sheets, and strips and plates for various industrial and engineering applications
  • Brass strips for deep drawing quality products
  • Brass discs for music instruments (cymbals)
  • Copper strips for high frequency cables and fire resistance cables