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2021.04.13Announcement for new Board of Directors and Audit CommitteeGR | EN
2021.04.12Announcement for the Payment of DividendGR | EN
2021.04.09Announcement for the Resolutions of the Extraordinary General MeetingGR | EN
2021.03.30Announcement for Special Permission of L.4548_2018GR | EN
2021.03.19Announcement for Change in Financial CalendarGR | EN
2021.03.19Notice of extraordinary general meeting to the shareholdersGR | EN
2021.03.11Announcement for Annual Analysts BriefingGR | EN
2021.03.10Announcement for Financial Results 2020GR | EN
2021.03.09Announcement for Analysts Annual BriefingGR | EN
2021.03.09Announcement for 2021 Financial CalendarGR | EN
2021.03.03Announcement for Final Decision in Antidumping Investigation in the USGR | EN
2021.02.10Announcement for Special Permission of L.4548_2018GR | EN