• Introduction

ElvalHalcor was incorporated originally in 1977 with the corporate name Vector S.A. In 1997 following the merger of Vector S.A. and (former) Halcor S.A., was renamed to Halcor S.A. and with the Decision 131569 of the Ministry on 30.11.2017, with which the Merger by absorption of Elval S.A. by Halcor was approved as voted by the 22.11.2017 General Assembly, the Company was renamed to “ElvalHalcor Hellenic Copper And Aluminium Industry S.A.”

After the Merger, the paid in capital, as it was formulated by the capitalization of the Share premium reserve of the Absorbing Halcor amount of €2,107,779.66, is €146,344,218.54 and is divided to 375,241,586 shares, of nominal value €0.39 each.

All shares bare equal voting rights.

Every share incorporates all the rights and obligations as defined by the legislation in effect and the company’s by-laws and all shares are freely tradable and paid in full.

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