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2021.09.28ElvalHalcor announces that its Aluminium Rolling Division (Elval), is the first Greek aluminium manufacturer that certifies its production facilities against the ASI Chain of Custody Standard
2021.09.21ElvalHalcor, Rusal, En+ Group, Canpack and Budweiser announce the launch of a pilot to produce an AB InBev beer can with the lowest ever carbon footprint
2021.08.27ElvalHalcor is contributing 500,000 euro - as part of Viohalco's initiative totalling 1,000,000 euro - to assist with restoration projects resulting from the fires that hit our country this summer
2021.07.08ElvalHalcor’s distinction at the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy Awards 2021”
2021.06.07ElvalHalcor receives two awards at the “Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2021”
2021.06.06Halcor receives award for copper and copper alloys recycling at the “Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2020”
2021.02.09ΕlvalHalcor at EXPORTS LEADERS
2020.12.23ElvalHalcor’s double distinction at "Business Awards Hrima"
2020.12.15ElvalHalcor recognised as ‘’True Leader’’ for 2019 by ICAP Group
2020.12.09ElvalHalcor joins the group of companies included in “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020” which highlight the Business Roadmap of Sustainable Development in Greece
2020.10.22ElvalHalcor is the first Greek manufacturer to certify its casthouse, rolling, coil coating and finishing operations to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standard
2020.07.23ElvalHalcor Award at the "Diamonds of the Greek Economy Awards 2020"