• Fish farming

Copper alloy wire and net for fish farm cages

As part of its ongoing commitment to offering high quality products, Halcor  established a partnership with the Japanese Mitsubishi Shindoh company. Under the terms of the partnership, Halcor, produces a specialised copper alloy wire (UR30®) for fish farm cages. With a copper content of more than 60 per cent, this wire (UR30®) retains the properties of copper, an environmentally friendly, highly durable, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable material. 

There are significant benefits to using copper alloy wire and net for fish farm cages. These include:

  • Increased cage life and retention of cage volume
  • Fish escape deterrence
  • Cleaner sea environment and reduced fish mortality rates
  • Reduced concentration of bio-contamination and cage mesh cleaning. 

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