• Audit committee

Ploutarchos Sakellaris, Member (Independent non executive member of the BoD)

Mr. Ploutarchos Sakellaris is Professor of Economics and Finance at Athens University of Economics and Business, focusing his research and teaching on macroeconomics, finance and banking. In parallel, Mr. Sakellaris is a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee of CEPAL Hellas, a company servicing loans and credit claims, and a member of the Board of Directors of Hellas Capital Leasing.

Mr. Sakellaris was Vice-President and Member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank (2008-2012), where he was responsible for risk management and financing in the energy sector. During the period 2004-2008, he was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers at the Ministry of Finance, Deputy to the Minister of Finance in the European Union Councils of Eurogroup and ECOFIN, and a member of the EU Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) and the Eurozone Working Group (EWG). He has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of the TITAN Group (2013-2019), a member of the Board of Directors of CreditM (2013-2018), a member of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee of the National Bank of Greece (2004-2008), member of the Board of Directors of the Public Debt Management Agency (2004-2008), as well as Deputy Governor for Greece at the World Bank (2004-2008). His professional career includes the positions of economist at the US Federal Reserve Board (1998-2000), visiting expert at the European Central Bank (2001-2003) and professor at the University of Maryland (1991-2004).

Mr. Sakellaris holds a Ph.D. in economics and a M.A. and a M. Phil. from Yale University. He also holds a in economics and computer science from Brandeis University.