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Copper plating of Oinofyta Health Center with antimicrobial copper donated by ElvalHalcor and the Hellenic Copper Development Institute

Special event at Oinofyta held by the Municipality of Tanagra and the Oinofyta Health Center

On the occasion of the completion of the copper plating project of Oinofyta Health Center with specified antimicrobial copper items donated by ElvalHalcor’s Copper and Alloys Extrusion division, the Municipality of Tanagra and Oinofyta Health Center organized a special informative event on Friday November 25 at the Demosthenes Liapis Mansion (Theatrical stage of Oinofyta).

Keynote speaker at the event was Dr. Panos Efstathiou, Scientific Advisor on Health Matters of the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, who presented the considerably effective antimicrobial properties of copper, as demonstrated by the results of various studies in Greece and abroad.

Halcor, the Copper and Alloys Extrusion division of ElvalHalcor and the Hellenic Copper Development Institute donated and installed specified antimicrobial copper items on commonly used touchable surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, objects and high-touched surfaces in intensive care areas. The Oinofyta Health Center has been Certified as antimicrobial protected area, by the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, following sample testings which took place by the Medical School of the University of Athens before and after the copper installation.

Today the Oinofyta Health Center is the first Health Center in Greece with antimicrobial shielding.

Representing ΕlvalHalcor, Panos Lolos, General Manager of the company’s Copper Segment referred to the long-standing support of ElvalHalcor to the local communities and society in general pointing out that: “this investment is one more ring in the value chain that has been created through our company’s operation here over several decades, since our donations are multilateral addressing both known and sudden needs”. Further on Panos Lolos stated that: “by employing more than 2,000 people, as a company we are part of this community, whereas the vast majority of our people were born, live and have created their households in this area. In parallel we know that our colleagues’ children are dreaming to be part of this company that is contributing to the creation of social value”. Concluding his remarks Panos Lolos referred to the prerequisite of constructive cooperation with the local and regional authorities and institutions, thanking the Mayor of Tanagra Vasilis Pergalias.

Ms. Christina Manti, Oinofyta Health Center Coordinator after thanking ElvalHalcor and the other Viohalco companies for their long standing contribution to the Oinofyta Health Center “as they have been supporters and companions to the Oinofyta Health Center during the difficult years of the financial and the pandemic crises”, she referred to the importance of the specific project pointing out that “it is important that this innovation is applied first at the Oinofyta Health Center, since the area has significantly increased needs. Like all Health Centers across the country, including us, have specific needs not only in equipment and supplies, but also in human resources and we hope that this initiative will motivate the State to offer support.”

Mr. Nick Vergopoulos, General Director of Hellenic Copper Development Institute, closed the event mentioned the scope of HCDI, such is the development of the copper properties such as the antimicrobial copper, highlighting HCDI’s specified by ISO specification procedure to certify antimicrobial protected areas.     

Among the distinguished guests of the event were Andreas Koutsoumpas, Member of the Greek Parliament in Viotia, Giannis Pergantas Vice-Prefect for Social Wellfare in the Prefecture of Central Greece, our host, Vassilis Pergalias, Mayor of Tanagra, representative of His Rev. Archibishop Georgios of the Holy Diocese of Thiva, Livadia and Avlida and Fotis Seretis, Governor of the 5th Regional Health Authority of Thessaly & Central Greece.

After the successful event, all guests had the opportunity to take part in a guided tour at the Oinofyta Health Center premises, and see the specified antimicrobial copper plated surfaces, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment donated by ElvalHalcor.