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ElvalHalcor joins once again in the list of “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2022” which highlight the Business Roadmap of Sustainable Development in Greece

For the 5th consecutive year, ElvalHalcor joins “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece”. Together with 30 other companies, ElvalHalcor was evaluated, based on its business performance with ESG criteria in the “Sustainability Performance Directory” and participated in the list "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2022".

The 31, in total, companies which make up “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2022”, are the leaders of Sustainable Development in our country. ''The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2022'' were presented on Monday, February 7, during an event, hosted by the QualityNet Foundation.

ElvalHalcor’s participation in this list, for yet another year, confirms the Company’s strategy and continuous commitment to sustainable development, by applying responsible business practices.

ElvalHalcor’s growth is founded on responsible principles and business practice, in order to build a better future for its stakeholders and society as a whole. The Company invests substantially and systematically in its human resources, placing particular emphasis on their training and development, whilst having the health and safety of its people and partners as a top priority. It focuses on environmental protection and climate change prevention practices and emphasizes on the circular economy model, supporting the transition to a green economy. All initiatives and responsible practices implemented by ElvalHalcor are described in detail in the Sustainability Report published on an annual basis (