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ElvalHalcor wins nine awards at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021

Athens, 6 October 2021


ElvalHalcor has won a total of nine awards at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021 organised by Boussias Communications. Among them are two top awards, as ElvalHalcor was named Smart and Innovative Factory of the Year, while it also attained Excellence in the Glass, Metal and Paper category. In addition, ElvalHalcor was honored with 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Award.

More specifically, ElvalHalcor received the following four Gold Awards:

  • In the Investments and Strategy category (part of the Significant Production Investment category), Elval, the Aluminium Rolling Division received an award for its investment program “The Tandem four-stand aluminium hot-rolling mill: A landmark investment for ElvalHalcor”.  
  • In the Innovation and New Technologies category (part of the Utilization of Technologies in Production category), Elval, the Aluminium Rolling Division was distinguished for its “Tandem automatic welding of internal coils Robotic system”.  
  • In the Effective Logistics category, ElvalHalcor’s Aluminium Rolling Division Elval was awarded for its “Quintiq Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Optimization”.
  • In the innovative products category, Halcor, the Copper and Alloy Extrusion Division was distinguished for its innovative TALOS XS products.

In addition, ElvalHalcor won 2 Silver awards in the Work, Safety and Environment category: one in the Environmental and Energy Policy category for the “Recycling of copper, copper alloys and aluminum” program, while in the Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility category, it was distinguished for its “ElvalHalcor has always been close to people, the environment and society” program.

Finally, ElvalHalcor received the Bronze Award in the Investments and Strategy category - ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) Strategy category for Elval, its Aluminium Rolling Division’s certification according to the ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) Performance Standard.

Konstantinos Katsaros, executive member of the Board of ElvalHalcor and Executive Director of the Aluminium Rolling Division, receiving the top award for “Smart and Innovative Factory of the Year”, said: “Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies that are applied at ElvalHalcor we have the ability to manufacture aluminum products and solutions as well as copper and copper alloys of exceptional quality with technical characteristics and unique properties that meet the high standards of our customers worldwide. ElvalHalcor’s products are distinguished for their high quality, reliability, innovation and sustainable characteristics, as well as the great added value that they offer. With these competitive advantages, we have managed to gain international recognition and become a highly prestigious, leading manufacturer in the aluminium and copper industry."

For his part, Spyros Kokkolis, Chief Financial Officer of ElvalHalcor, upon receiving the Excellence award in Glass, Metal and Paper, said: “ElvalHalcor is a leader in the global aluminium and copper markets. The Company has a strong production base across 17 industrial units (in 4 countries) with cutting-edge technology, and an annual turnover of EUR 2 billion and EUR 136 million in adjusted EBITDA. ElvalHalcor holds a leading position in aluminium products, while it is the largest producer of copper tubes in Europe. We are a company with 84 years of experience and know-how, an exports oriented and global commercial presence with EUR 1.8 billion in exports and 475 thousand tons of sales in more than 100 countries. In continuously investing in research and technology, possessing a customer-centric philosophy whilst making sure that we continuously look after our people and remain committed to the protection of the natural environment, ElvalHalcor is a pioneering manufacturer of innovative products and sustainable copper and aluminium solutions that meet the high demands of its customers in terms of quality. Through continuous strategic investments, both of ElvalHalcor’s divisions are now able to meet the growing demand for aluminium and copper products arising from global trends such as urbanization, electrification and the circular economy."