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ElvalHalcor is contributing 500,000 euro - as part of Viohalco's initiative totalling 1,000,000 euro - to assist with restoration projects resulting from the fires that hit our country this summer

ElvalHalcor, particularly aware of the catastrophic fires in Greece this summer and especially its wider region of activity, is responding immediately and effectively to Viohalco's initiative to assist, through its subsidiaries, in restoration projects dealing with the damage caused by the fires.

Expressing its solidarity with the victims on a practical basis and with the aim of supporting residents in the fire affected areas, ElvalHalcor is seeking to rehabilitate these areas as well as prevent and deal with similar disasters in the future, via its contribution of EUR 500,000.

The above contribution will be used for initiatives and materials directed towards infrastructure restoration and the environment, as well as fire fighting and fire protection equipment for future summers. The initiatives that will be implemented will be finalized in cooperation with competent authorities from local government and the government in order to cover immediate and specific needs.

Finally, ElvalHalcor’s Management and employees, some of whom are residents of the affected areas, would like to express their gratitude and warm thanks to those who selflessly participated in fighting the fires.