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ElvalHalcor participates in the «Regeneration Academy on Industry 4. Engineers» powered by Viohalco Companies

ElvalHalcor and the Viohalco Companies, Cenergy Holdings and Sidenor, investing in our country’s young talent and worked together with Regeneration in order to provide  specialized education  supporting and  empowering young graduates in their effort to start their career in engineering.

The «ReGeneration Academy on Industry 4. Engineers powered by Viohalco Companies» is an i innovative program aspiring to develop the engineers of tomorrow, providing them with knowledge and skills, tools and best practices of contemporary manufacturing, enhancing their professional profile, thus facilitating their employability.

The participants will acquire basic but also advanced knowledge on state of the art manufacturing procedures, based on Quality Standards both at Management as well as Production Engineering level. The program includes topics such as Project Management, Lean Management & Problem Solving, Process Management, Quality Assurance & Control, HSE Management, Data Analysis & Business Intelligence. The program is addressed to young University Graduates up to 29 years of age with limited or no working experience in the fields of: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Production and Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences and their respective post graduate schools.

Moreover, candidates should be active in extracurricular activities such as volunteering, sports, cultural, entrepreneurial, or other nonacademic activity.

Their 90 hours long educational program spanning over a period of 6 weeks from May 23 -June 30, in a digital classroom environment, has been developed by ReGeneration in close cooperation with the Viohalco, companies under the guidance of υπό την Code.Hub.  After the successful completion of the program participants will be able to apply for job positions in Engineering, Management, Administration, Business Analysis, Consulting.

The application period began on April 6 and will last up until May 3, 2022.

For additional information and application please visit the website Regeneration Academy on Industry 4. Engineers powered by Viohalco Companies.