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ElvalHalcor supports the “Fairground Recycling” initiative in Chalkida

Elval, the Aluminium Rolling Division of ElvalHalcor, guided by its commitment to protecting the environment and as part of its strategy and initiatives spreading and strengthening recycling in Greece, with the ultimate emphasis being on aluminium packaging, actively supported the “Recycling Fun Park ” event which took place on Friday, October 7 in Chalkida. The aim of the event was to raise the awareness amongst children and future active citizens in relation to environmental protection and to inspire and encourage more young people to recycle, by interactively highlighting the value of recycling.

The event was organized by the Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship of Evia, the Municipality of Chalkida, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, the Chalkida Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with the “Every Can Counts Greece” organization and CANAL (Aluminium Can Recycling Centre) of Elval.

Young men and women with carry-on "Every Can Counts logo backpacks " encouraged children to actively make recycling aluminium cans a part of their everyday life, while CANAL distributed multi-purpose bags with informational material about aluminium can recycling.

The event which was sponsored by Elval and supported with the participation of representatives from ElvalHalcor gave the unique opportunity to over 300 students from seven (7) Primary Schools in Chalkida area to learn more about the recycling process and the right use of the Blue Bin whilst having fun with the Fun Park interactive games.

In regards to the event, Maria Lazarimou, Communications Coordinator at ElvalHalcor stated: “We are very glad to be able to support the Federation of Trade and Entrepreneurship’s initiative in organizing this event along with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation which Elval actively participates in and the Municipality of Chalkida. Our goal is to spread the message concerning recycling in general and, especially aluminium can recycling, thereby highlighting the multiple benefits of this course of action. By recycling the aluminium cans that we consume on a daily basis, both inside and outside our homes, we are able to contribute to saving energy, preserving valuable resources, protecting the environment and providing a better and more sustainable future for all."