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The MICHAEL N. STASSINOPOULOS - VIOHALCO PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION is donating EUR 650,000 for hospital equipment and disposable medical products and consumables to deal with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

This amount, collected from VIOHALCO's subsidiaries, represents the first part of the Foundation's contribution towards the fight against COVID-19.

This decision of the Board of Directors of the MICHAEL N. STASSINOPOULOS - VIOHALCO PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION was made after consultation with the competent authorities, in order to strengthen and support the Greek National Health System and cover specific needs.

VIOHALCO'S subsidiaries contributed to the donation of EUR 650,000 with the following amounts: ELVALHALCOR S.A. EUR 400,000, HELLENIC CABLES S.A. EUR 160,000 and CORINTH PIPEWORKS S.A. EUR 90,000.

Through this donation, the Foundation is expressing its desire to stand by the patients, doctors, nurses and general staff of our country’s hospitals who are all being greatly tested during this difficult period we are going through.