• Αluminium takes center stage at mega trends

Enabling the trends of the circular economy, and climate neutrality with sustainable aluminium products

Executing a long-term programme of technologically advanced strategic investments alongside extensive Research and Development, ElvalHalcor seizes the opportunities created in the rapidly developing markets fueled by global megatrends such as the transition to climate neutrality, circular economy, the growth of renewable energy and e-mobility.

With the long experience and expertise of our people, coupled by our continuous efforts on ESG, we are shaping a sustainable tomorrow for the planet and future generations.

Αluminium takes center stage at mega trends

The ever-increasing demand for modern, environmentally friendly applications render aluminium a predominantly sustainable metal. Lightweight, durable and permanently recyclable (75% of the aluminium produced is still in use), aluminium is a material that plays a leading role in sustainable development and the green economy. In the food and beverage sector, lightweight, fully recyclable aluminium packaging saves resources and energy, reduces the cost of finished products transporting and storing, while reducing carbon emissions into the environment. Similarly, lighter aluminium land vehicles and marine vessels can carry bigger loads, ensuring reduced emissions. In the automotive industry, aluminium is gradually replacing steel and has significant applications in battery pack protection and cooling support systems in electric vehicles.

Aluminium is also at the heart of new technologies being used in renewable energy sources, while it is an important metal for the creation and redesign of sustainable and energy efficient buildings and cities. Elval, ElvalHalcor’s aluminium rolling division has invested in Europe’s most modern innovative four stand tandem aluminium hot rolling finishing mill. The investment amounting to EUR 150 million positions Elval as the second aluminium rolling factory in Europe, in terms of hot rolling capacity, which, combined with additional investments spanning the next five years, is expected to triple Elval’s production capacity. This landmark investment also paves the way for new, more demanding markets, such as the automotive and aerospace industries.