• Copper takes center stage at mega trends

Enabling the trends of climate neutrality, urbanization and e-mobility with sustainable copper products

Executing a long-term programme of technologically advanced strategic investments alongside extensive Research and Development, ElvalHalcor seizes the opportunities created in the rapidly developing markets fueled by global megatrends such as the transition to climate neutrality, circular economy, the growth of renewable energy and e-mobility.

With the long experience and expertise of our people, coupled by our continuous efforts on ESG, we are shaping a sustainable tomorrow for the planet and future generations.

Copper takes center stage at mega trends

The rapidly growing renewable energy sector relies on the exceptional conductive properties of copper to improve efficiency. This preference is set to continue with copper being used in battery energy storage, an area expected to grow by between 30%-40% per annum. The increased prevalence of high copper intensity heat pumps and electrical heating systems will boost demand in the construction sector. On the roads, the number of electric vehicles, which rely on copper in many of their functions, is expected to increase further thanks to technological advancement that increase vehicle performance and reduce battery costs.

Due to its unique qualities and broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, copper and its antimicrobial properties is recognized as the new ‘’weapon’’ in the fight against pathogenic microbes, as it can significantly reduce contamination from frequently touched surfaces.

Halcor, the copper & alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor, responds to the trends through a wide range of innovative products and solutions such as copper tubes manufactured with high strength copper alloy (CuFe2P) material, in order to satisfy the demand of today’s high-pressure CO₂ systems in refrigeration, and other high-pressure HVAC&R applications, as well as other products specialized in renewable electricity generation, the building construction sector and in electric vehicles applications.