• The world’s most modern four-stand tandem hot finishing mill

Elval, the aluminium rolling expert operates the world’s most modern four-stand tandem hot finishing mill

Tandem: The new strategic investment that brings ElvalHalcor to the forefront of the global aluminium rolling industry.

2020 was a milestone year for the aluminium division with the large-scale investment of the new four-stand tandem hot finishing mill. This strategic investment, amounting to 150 million EUR, seals ElvalHalcor’s position as one of the leading producers of aluminium rolled products worldwide.

The investment, which was completed and has been operational since June 2020, enabled the production capacity of hot-rolled products to more than double and represents the completion of the first phase of a five-year investment program.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable aluminium products, the Company has already initiated the second phase of the investment plan (amounting to 100 million EUR) through the order of a state-of-the-art 6-high cold rolling mill. The new four stand tandem hot rolling mill incorporates advanced technologies in environmental management, such as systems for retaining and recovering rolling oils for reuse even from their evaporation phase. Within the framework of the same program ElvalHalcor also proceeded to the order of a new fully automated lacquering line The lacquering line investment responds to the increasing market demand, as a consequence of the international trends for lightweight, recyclable and sustainable aluminium packaging for food and beverages and durable, safe, recyclable and friendly to the environment building and construction material. 

This investment strategy marks a new era for ElvalHalcor’s aluminium rolling division, paving the way for new, more dynamic and demanding markets. ElvalHalcor is already a pioneer in Europe with state-of-the-art technology and in terms of investment maturity, it will have the second largest aluminium rolling mill with the most modern four-stand aluminium hot finishing mill in Europe. The completion of the investment program will increase production capacity to over 500,000 tons annually and will establish ElvalHalcor as a producer, creating jobs that require great levels of expertise and high added value, sustainable products contributing to the goals of sustainable development and the national economy.

With the new tandem mill and the investments that will follow, ElvalHalcor will meet the upward market demand trends for specialized, high quality, sustainable aluminium rolled products.